Customer Reviews

Dustin C.

The downtown St. Paul BP auto mechanic Dean provided me with excellent customer service. Dean was very approachable and communicative regarding the issues I was having with my car. Dean provided me with transportation to my job, notified me of the areas needing fixing on my car, and went above and beyond to ensure that I received the best possible price. Dean performed very well and I am extremely satisfied with his work. Thank you!

Andrew L.

Trustworthy car shop and convenient location

Lauren C.

The mechanic Dean is probably one of the best around. This service is at a gas station an you really wouldn’t think that there is such an honest person (mechanic) working there. He is for the customer all the way. The prices are very comparable an he even accepts competitors coupons. Dean has a plethora of mechanical information an is very good at what he does. Great job Dean.